NXIVM Mission

The mission of NXIVM is to help transform and, ultimately, be an expression of the noble civilization of humans. We all have the potential to live and work together, but this potential is often cut short by opposing interests and beliefs.

This ongoing struggle greatly limits our ability to experience ourselves and the world. Although it appears this struggle has thrived for as long as humanity has existed, it does not mean that it must continue to be so. As the late René Dubos wrote, "Wherever human beings are concerned, trend is not destiny."

NXIVM embodies a set of consistent and universal principles in which all humans can participate. These principles - apart from any mystical or religious notions - allow for life to persist and uphold a diversity of beliefs.

By creating a new understanding, we can actualize our potential to live and work together and consequently bring human existence to a whole new level.

Yet this cannot be done without first raising human awareness, fostering an ethical humanitarianism, and celebrating what it truly means to be human - and this is our mission.