Nancy Salzman

President of NXIVM Corporation and Executive Success Programs

Nancy Salzman, President of NXIVM Corporation and Executive Success Programs, Inc. has over 20 years of intensive study and practice in the fields of healthcare, human potential, and human empowerment.

After almost two decades of searching for unique, permanent therapeutic solutions to human performance problems, Ms. Salzman became aware that most models were ineffective in producing the results they promised. It was at this time that she met Keith Raniere, creator of Rational Inquiry". Mr. Raniere mentored and taught Ms. Salzman his remarkable technology and they soon found that she was able to reproduce his unprecedented results.

In 1998, Ms. Salzman incorporated Executive Success Programs and implemented a new, reproducible method of teaching Mr. Raniere's model while ensuring consistent results. As the leading authority in Rational Inquiry" and one of the top trainers of human potential in the world, Ms. Salzman coaches and provides special counsel to prominent individuals and leaders worldwide.

Ms. Salzman now allocates the majority of her time to further developing the company's capacity to meet its ever-growing needs. Because of her strong belief in developing each individual, she personally works with over 300 Coaches and 30 Regional Executives in the United States and Mexico.

One of her primary roles as president is to develop a new, reproducible method of teaching and implementing Mr. Raniere's patent-pending model that ensures consistent results--this includes creating curriculum (written and multimedia) for over 200 two-hour educational modules used to train students, coaches, and facilitators. She is currently working with Mr. Raniere in developing and patenting an innovative, systematic business management model designed to generate and run new businesses. Ms. Salzman also leads a team responsible for researching and developing a prototype for NXIVMs--community centers that will house training facilities and community-building spaces including athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities.