Personal Development

The cornerstone of a civilization is the development of the individual. Without this, society cannot be brought to a condition of growth, prosperity, and interdependence. At NXIVM we believe the nature of personal development is to become that which one deems noble. This requires not just knowledge but also the experience and procedural understanding of how to work with one's behavior patterns. In time, our mind can triumph over the body and we can achieve consistency of thought and action.

We also believe that personal development entails understanding the nature of being human and individual purpose. A person who does not know why they do what they do, and why they are here, is like a ship without a rudder in constantly shifting winds.

NXIVM provides the basis and conditions for all people to explore and actualize their potential so that they can come to live purposeful lives.

NXIVMs will offer members different ways of pursuing a journey of personal discovery and development. For example, members may choose to begin this journey by participating in the ethical systems that each NXIVM will foster.

Members may also choose to learn about the different aspects of humanity through the educational materials developed in and available through NXIVM.

Finally, members of NXIVM will have available to them a body of knowledge unrivaled, the technology Rational Inquiry™, through the personal and professional development training programs imparted by Executive Success Programs, Inc.